La Beaute Du Monde uses RefectoCil for all tinting services. RefectoCil products have been developed and produced since 1950. In the area of eyelash and eyebrow tints, the RefectoCil brand is global market leader and represented in more than 65 countries today.


Besides the fact that RefectoCil is a traditional, high quality brand with a much higher product range than the ranges of competitors, there are 3 facts that attract our users in a very positive way.

Free from p-Phenylenediamine (PPD).

Our tints contain the ingredient called 2.5 Tolulene Diamine which belongs to the same family of ingredients but is much less irritating. No animal testing! Colours & Oxidants are vegan!

A free patch test is offered 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Eye Lash Tint Sensitive $35 (vegan)
Eyebrow tint- $18
Eyelash tint- $25
Eyebrow + Eyelash tint $30
Eyebrow tint and tidy $25
Eyebrow tint and? shape $35
Eyelash tint ,brow tint and shape $45
Eye lash perm $40
Eyelash perm and tint $50


All of the Refectocil & Refectocil Sensitive products are vegan except for the following:

Skin Protection Cream – as it contains Lanolin

Lash Perm – as it contains Hydrolyzed Collagen

Long Lash Balm – as it contains Lanolin

The Longlash Gel is recommended following your tinting as an after-care.