Treatment Packages

Treatment Packages


Time out Package

 Designed for busy people to provide maximum results in a minimum of time to relives stress and tension n the back and neck ,shoulder massage with relaxation, scent of lavender and geranium oil  and Payot 42 step- facial massage with gemstone balm to drift away.

60min  $85


The ideal preparation for a special
occasion. Includes a Mini Facial, Mini Manicure
and Mini Pedicure and eye patch treatment for smoothes and eliminates fatigue in the eye contour area in a flas.

90 min $150


 Whole -Body and Indian head massage! You will energise your body ,

mind and allow tension to slip away.

90min $120

Perfect Pleasure

Your choice of body scrub, body
massage and mini facial treatment.

2hrs $170

Experience Elixir

The magic of unique treatment, the ideal blend of relaxation, pleasure for the senses and  the power of exceptional active ingredients; Cavier, myrrh and amyris  extracts to produce exceptional results. The famous facial 42- step technique, “So soft and Magic” whole body massage and the foot massage include with body scrub, body wrap and body massage.

2hrs for $199

Just For You 

Total Vitality. The body will be
thoroughly exfoliated with your choice of tailored
exfoliants, wrapped in an Energising Wrap, infused
with trace elements and completed with a modeling
massage using precious oils.

3 hrs $220

Remodelling Your Figure 

Starting with a body
exfoliation tailored to your needs, the treatment continues
by treating the body with a firming and slimming
wrap, followed by a sculpting massage and is
completed with a Skin Ritual Treatment for total

3.5 hrs $270

Total De la  Beauté

A complete face and body
beauty treatment. An Energising body wrap to reduce
strain and tension, AOX Parfait Experience to repair
and prevent aging, Design Eye Patch Treatment
to decongest the eyes and Ritual Précieux des
Pieds so you’ll be walking on cloud nine.
4 hrs $320