Relaxes and re-energizes the body and spirit using essential oils infused with trace elements.

Energizing Massage

60min / $100

Energizing Massage Jet lag, stress or fatigue overwhelming your body? Do you need to recharge your batteries?
This massage is a series of expert stimulating movements intended to erase sensation of fatigue while energizing the mind and the body.
Blood circulation is reactivated and tension is released. Massage with Bergamot and Mint precious oil.

Sculpting Massage

60min $120

Firming and correcting for troubled areas. Massage with Orange and Grapefruit precious oil.

Relaxing Massage

30min $60/ 45min $75/ 60min $90/ 90min $140/ 2hrs $180 

Leaves the body and spirit relaxed with a total sense of well being.
Massage with water soluble relaxation oil is based on Vitamin E, Lavender and Geranium or water Dispersible oil based on Sun flower or Sports warming oil based on Medicated Oil, Methyl Salicylate, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oils & Vitamin E.

Relaxing intence muscular massage

30min $65/ 60min $100/ 90min$190

Too much exercise, stress and muscle tension? This massage technique brings a wave of deep well-being.
The skin is stimulated, tissues toned, muscle tension is relieved and sensation of stiffness disappear.

Indian Head Massage

45min $70

An ancient Ayurvedic healing system passed down form generation to generation in India for thousands of years which keeps hair in beautiful condition by stimulating blood flow to the scalp.
Today, this form of massage works on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, ears and face.
These areas are massaged using arm yet gentle, rhythmic movements that involve acupressure points called Mama points.
A warm aromatic Elixir containing a blend of myrrh, amyris, rice, hazelnut and almond oils is used to nourish and hydrate the skin and make your hair shiny and healthy looking.  If you do not wish to use oil in your hair, dry scalp massaging is also available.

Body Exfoliante and Hydration

60min $95

Your choice of Sugar, Mineral sea salt or Crushed Nut exfoliant to cleanse, nourish, detoxify and remineralise the skin. Please note: after the body scrub will be applying  Payot Hydra 24 cream for youthful skin.

Body wraps

60min $95

For all over care. Slimming, Firming and Nourishing. Our wraps will be tailored to treat your specific concerns including a relaxing anti-stress scalp massage while you are being infused with treatment ingredients.

Délice du dos

60min $85 / 90min $110

A delicious treatment for a relaxed and purified back. Includes exfoliation with minerals, black head treatment, followed by high-frequency treatment, a massage with essential oils finished off by a green clay mask to purify, detox and completely relax.

Time out Package

60min $95

Designed for busy people to provide maximum results in a minimum of time to relives stress and tension n the back and neck, shoulder massage with relaxation, scent of lavender. geranium oil and Payot 42 step- facial massage with gemstone balm to drift away.


90min $175

The ideal preparation for a special occasion. Includes a Mini Facial, Mini Manicure
and Mini Pedicure and eye patch treatment for anti- fatigue, lifting express care.


90min $140

Whole -Body and Indian head massage! You will energise your body,mind and allow tension to slip away.

Perfect Pleasure

120min $180

Your choice of body scrub to eliminate dead cells and roughness for smooth and soft skin. Followed by deep relaxation in a harmonious enveloping body massage to restore balance to body and mind.

Just For You

180min $255

Remodel your figure with a body exfoliation tailored to your needs, a firming  or slimming wrap, massage and a facial treatment for total correcte.

Subliment Du Dos

60min $85

A back treatment for a relaxed and clear back with no imperfections. includes exfoliation, blackhead treatment followed by a high-frequency treatment, a massage with essential oils, and a clay mask to purify and detox.

Performance Hydration

120min $199

The magic of a unique treatment, the ideal blend of relaxation, pleasure for the senses and? the power of exceptional active ingredients; Cavier, myrrh and amyris extracts to produce exceptional results. The famous facial 42- step technique, “So soft and Magic” whole body massage and foot massage as well as a body scrub and body wrap to deeply hydrate,oxygenate tissue and bring radiance.

Nourishing Body wrap and Hydrating Facial

150min / $ 250

  • The skin of our body may need comfort for different reasons. Throughout the year for people with dry, crocodile-like, tight skin or punctual on the return from the holiday after prolonged exposure to the sun or during colder periods.

  • Beginning with dry body exfoliation to eliminate all the dead skin cells. 

  • This hydration and nutrition wrap combines the freshness of a thirst-quenching serum with the warmth of shea butter. It is a sensory treatment combining massage and wrapping. Indeed, during the pause of the wrap the hands of the practitioner will bring relaxation and well-being thanks to relaxing manoeuvre practiced on the towel covering the body.Then performing the facial for entire relaxation,

Performance light leg

30min $50

This is ideal for men and women who have the sensation of heavy legs before or after a long journey or after intensive exercise session.
Centella asiatica extracts, ginger extracts and menthol bring a sensation of freshness and lightness. Thanks their anti-inflammatory, soothing and draining properties.

Hand Care

Deluxe Spa Manicure                                          90min / $95

Includes with all aspects of a standard manicure but includes a customized mask for a dream hands. a relaxing and hydrating hand massage and your choice of nail polish, finished with cuticle oil. All those benefits form a genuine moment of relaxation and wellness.

Mini-Manicure                                                         30min / $40

Ideal for a quick maintenance treatment to keep your fingernails groomed and fresh, Nails are filed buffed and polished.

Standard Manicure                                             60min / $70

Starts with warm towel envelopment, followed by a soak in a hand spa. Nails are trimmed, shaped and cuticle care is applied , then followed by a relaxing massage. finished with your choice of nail polish and cuticle oil.

Shellac                                                                      $45

Starts with warm towel envelopment, followed by a soak in a hand spa. Nails are trimmed, shaped and cuticle care is applied , then followed by a relaxing massage. finished with your choice of nail polish and cuticle oil.

*Add Shellac to any nail service $15

Foot Care

Delux Spa pedicure                                            90min / $99

A luxurious treatment for that restores skin suppleness which reactivates micro circulation ,nourish and strengthens the nails. This treatment follows all the “Foot Beauty” treatment procedures, complemented by a customized mask and eye patch treatment while you are relaxing and a refreshing foot massage. finish with your choice of nail polish and cuticle oil.

Mini-Pedicure                                                         30min / $45

A warm towel compress is applied on feet to relax, toenails are then filed and buffed. finished with your choice of nail polish, moisturizer and cuticle oil.

Foot beauty                                                             60min / $75

Relax and sooth your feet in the award winning FootsieBath spa which heats, vibrates for ultimate pleasure! Your feet are exfoliated to remove dead skin cells, followed by toenails and cuticle care and finished by customized
massage for a delicious moment of pure escape and wellness.

Light Legs Care                                                      30min / $50

Refresh and sooth your legs, starting with a foot bath, exfoliation,massage and heel to knee wrap. Relieves aches and pains.

Please note: Bring thongs or open shoes if booking in for a pedicure to wear after your treatment.
*Add shellac to any nail service $15

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